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Thirsty Monkeys

Thirsty Monkeys is the membership NFT collection of Halcyon, which is a creation studio. Behind it, there are people and builders passionate about Web3 and its philosophy, culture, community and technologies. Our goal is really to provide value, developing innovative and useful products to the Web3 space. We are getting started on Sui and it’s a blank playground, everything is to be built, so we’ve designed 2 products aiming to accelerate global projects development on the Move ecosystem.

We can’t tell you much about these products now, but know that we are actively working on the smart contracts and dapps. We want to rapidly release MVPs so that projects and the community can test it on the devnet. We will then continuously upgrade them until mainnet, when we will mint our Thirsty Monkeys collection on day 1. Those guys will act like a vip pass, bringing exclusive access and benefits to the products.

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OAT Enthousiast


▪ Complete all tasks:

▪ Each holder = Enthousiast role 👀

▪ Enthousiast role = Potential WL, Drops & [hidden]!

Thirsty Monkeys

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Requirements to qualify

Have the Monkey role in the Thirsty Monkeys server


Participate in the Loading... Galxe campaign




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