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Mantle | Mass adoption of decentralized & token-governed technologies. With Mantle Network, Mantle Treasury, and token holder-governed product initiatives.
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    Mantle Guild Member


Join the Mantle Guild

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    MNT Holder


Hold at least one $MNT or one $BIT (for a limited time) in your address on Mantle Mainnet (L2) or Ethereum Mainnet (L1)

Requirements to qualify
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    MJSBT Holder


Mantle Journey Soulbound Token (MJSBT) is a non-transferrable digital identity token. To create a Mantle Journey profile, you must mint an MJSBT, which captures your characteristics, records, and achievements in the Mantle ecosystem.

Claim your unique Mantle identity and embark on your very own Mantle Journey, an open-access and performance-based program designed to reward users and applications.

Requirements to qualify
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Vote on at least one Mantle Improvement proposal (MIP) in the bitdao.eth Snapshot space.

This role is subject to change following the BIT -> MNT migration.

Requirements to qualify
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    Citizen of Mantle


In collaboration with internationally renowned visual artist Chen Man, we proudly present our inaugural native NFT collection ā€” Citizens of Mantle.

Becoming a Citizen of Mantle is your gateway to an immersive experience within Mantle Ecosystem.

Your avatar will become a reflection of your depth of engagement and accomplishments within Mantle Ecosystem, which, in turn, will then allow you to unlock more future benefits.

Learn more about Citizens of Mantle:

Trade Citizens of Mantle NFTs on Mintle:

Requirements to qualify

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