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👾 Kara the Movie

Kara is the story of a young couple who get caught into the mastermind of an Artificial Intelligence Home Robot (AIHR) invented by the technology company you want to be part of the OG Members Community that will get this film made? the web3 way? each Genesis Member is getting 👾 1 KARApunk pixel art 💰 Updates on the film budget 🗓️ Updates on the schedule 🎬 Access to the Film Set IRL or via 💸 Rewards from the Ethereum staking ⚖️ Rewards from the Uniswap liquidity pool 📽 Access to the PREMIERE SCREENINGS in 🇬🇧 London 🇫🇷 Paris 🇩🇪 Berlin 🇳🇱 Amsterdam 🇵🇹 Lisbon 🇪🇸 Madrid 🍾 Rewards from the Licensing deals ✨ Access to events & invitations 🎟 640 Genesis NFTs in total 🟠 Not holding your NFT will pass the rewards, accesses and IP rights to the new Owner.


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Kara the Movie

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