Polygon is one of the largest layer two scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees. MATIC is the network’s native cryptocurrency, which is used for fees, staking, and more. The Polygon team is working with the likes of Reddit, Starbucks and NFL and started PolygonDAO to decentralize and grow the Polygon community.
How Polygon connects to Guild 👾 🏰
  • PolygonID as requirement
    • basic authentication or satisfying a specific query
  • Token as requirement
    • any ERC-20 on Polygon or Polygon Mumbai
    • min/max amount
    • tokens can be purchased on Guild through DEXs
  • NFT as requirement
    • any ERC-721 or 1155 on Polygon or Polygon Mumbai
    • min/max amount
    • metadata, attributes
    • custom ID
  • Contract state as requirement
    • freely defined interactions with any contract on Cronos Mainnet
    • e.g. staking, providing liquidity, trading a certain volume etc.
  • Direct integrations with protocols on Polygon
    • Lens, Unlock, Juicebox, Otterspace

This website is open-source, and built on the Guild SDK