Fantom is a fast, scalable, and secure blockchain platform designed for decentralized applications and enterprise solutions. Its consensus mechanism, Lachesis, utilizes aBFT to enable fast transaction finality.
The platform's high transaction throughput and low fees make it a popular choice for developers and users. Fantom has gained significant traction in the DeFi space, with a growing ecosystem of protocols and applications being built on the network.
How Fantom connects to Guild 👻 🏰
  • Token as requirement
    • any ERC-20 on Fantom Opera
    • min/max amount
  • NFT as requirement
    • any ERC-721 or 1155 on Fantom Opera
    • min/max amount
    • custom ID
  • Contract state as requirement
    • freely defined interactions with any contract on Fantom Opera
    • e.g. staking, providing liquidity, trading a certain volume etc.

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