Cronos is a blockchain platform that runs on the EVM-compatible Ethermint. Developers can use familiar tools such as Solidity to build and deploy decentralized applications on the network.
Cronos provides interoperability with other blockchains through the use of IBC, which enables the transfer of assets and data across different blockchain networks. It also features fast transaction speeds and low fees, making it an efficient platform for decentralized applications.
Cronos also supports a growing community of developers and entrepreneurs through initiatives like the Cronos Ignite accelerator program, which provides resources and mentorship to promising blockchain startups, and through collaborations with educational institutions to promote blockchain education and research.
How Cronos connects to Guild 🔷 🏰
  • Token as requirement
    • any ERC-20 on Cronos Mainnet
    • min/max amount
  • NFT as requirement
    • any ERC-721 or 1155 on Cronos Mainnet
    • min/max amount
    • custom ID
  • Contract state as requirement
    • freely defined interactions with any contract on Cronos Mainnet
    • e.g. staking, providing liquidity, trading a certain volume etc.

This website is open-source, and built on the Guild SDK