Celo is a PoS Layer-1 protocol with a mission is to build a regenerative digital economy that creates conditions of prosperity for all. It is a mobile-first blockchain platform that aims to make financial systems more accessible and inclusive for everyone. It’s designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to send and receive payments as easily as sending a text message. Celo's blockchain is built on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which allows for fast and secure transactions while minimizing energy consumption.
How Celo connects to Guild 🟢 🏰
  • Token as requirement
    • any ERC-20 on Celo Mainnet
    • min/max amount
  • NFT as requirement
    • any ERC-721 or 1155 on Celo Mainnet
    • min/max amount
    • custom ID
  • Contract state as requirement
    • freely defined interactions with any contract on Celo Mainnet
    • e.g. staking, providing liquidity, trading a certain volume etc.

This website is open-source, and built on the Guild SDK