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Platform-agnostic communities

Bring your community to your favourite communication platforms, management tools or games.

Platform-agnostic communitiesRocket

Token-enabled membership

Create exclusive levels in your community and manage them with blockchain assets.

Fun fact: You can set allowlists or guest passes too

Token-enabled membershipBunny

Guard against phishing attacks

Web3 captcha to filter bad-actor bots and protect your community against Discord scams.

Guard against phishing attacksGuild RobotBrunya

Real-time query engine

Guild operates with its own indexer. 1M+ tokens, 100K+ NFT projects and 10+ chains are available. Search, pick and build on it.

Real-time query engineUnicorn

Composable membership requirements

Built-in integrations and external APIs to maximize your choices. Play with logic gates and cross-chain opportunities.

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How Guild helps you organize your DAO

How Guild helps you organize your DAO

Guild, a platform that allows users to create private gated communities, hopes to make managing and joining a DAO easier.

Our Guild is evolving

Our Guild is evolving

Over 10,000 web3 curious people have created or joined 600 guilds and our developer team has merged 1929 commits on Github, in response to hundreds of feature requests or bug reports.

DAO Masters -

DAO Masters -

This is an easy, self-serve way to set up a gated community.

Caroline | Tales of Elatora ⛩ MINTING NOW! on Twitter

Caroline | Tales of Elatora ⛩ MINTING NOW! on Twitter

Daily #NFT Show #167 ⚔️ Today's show is not about an #NFTartist but about a tool you should know if you run a Discord (or are helping to mod one). It's called: 👉 @guildxyz To be clear: I'm not affiliated in any way with this tool, I just like it! Powered by @redlion_news 🦁

Web3 is a Shared Experience: Reka and Raz, Co-Founders of Agora

Web3 is a Shared Experience: Reka and Raz, Co-Founders of Agora

Closing out our Web3 series, we sit down with Reka and Raz, Co-Founders of Agora, a studio DAO building essentials for communities. We dive into community role management with Guild, connecting Web2 and Web3 communities, and much more!

Guild on Twitter

Guild on Twitter

Cross-chain token gating is here 🧙‍♂️ What does it mean for @SwaprEth (@DXdao_ ) @nowdaoit @KlimaDAO and all the other communities spreading across blockchains? True multi-chain support for creating groups, read further..

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